The Owlman Cometh

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The Stash Gallery Proudly Presents :


The Owlman Cometh - A Solo Show of New Works by Joseph Sakoilsky


Joseph was born in London (1992) and raised in Camden. As a young child his playground included running wild in the earlier gritty galleries and studios in East London, including 30 Underwood St Gallery, Shoreditch, where his father curated and had a studio.


Central to the creation of these new works, are wilful acts of chance combined with an aleatory, playful mark making, tones, colours, lines, forms in which landscapes and creatures seem to naturally arise. Smearing layers of paint landscapes appear which are then built upon. These paintings often feature a shadow-character travelling the trail of thought, searching for sleep but constantly finding distractions.  In other work, blown drops of ink are used as the starting point, in self-absorbed Rorschach tests which are then elaborated to reveal subconscious creatures.


“As kids we always thought the reason adults stayed up late was that something fun or exciting must be happening. and that is perhaps why 1 in 3 people suffer with at least mild insomnia.”

Many artists, writers, scientists, musicians, etc. work late into the night, many believing their best work is created while the rest of the city sleeps. There is something luxurious about working and living against the grain.


One of the main themes of the work in the show is insomnia. As he puts it, “I’m really good at not sleeping, on the other hand, I sleep like an angel… ”


I’m sleeping in the mourning

Wide awake at night

I cant seem to fix my hours

how ever hard I try


I am the Owl, Joseph Sakoilsky.


© Joseph Sakoilsky 2018

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